Food pyramid

Food Pyramid provides information on coverage of the main groups of foods with the selected food or with the ingredients of a meal.

The main food groups that make up the food pyramid are:

  • starchy foods,
  • milk and milk products,
  • meat and substitutions,
  • legumes,
  • vegetable,
  • fruit,
  • foods with high fat content and
  • foods with a lot of added sugar.
Red coloured food group in the pyramid means that the selected food or meal can exceed the reference value for the food from this group. By moving your mouse cursor over the pyramid you will see the excess of the recommended proportion. If a group is not completely coloured yet, this means that the selected food or meal does not cover the recommended number of foods from this group in full.
If the selected food is a dish consisting of various foods from different groups, the pyramid is coloured in different food groups.