Physical Activity

Physical activity is very important for the health, not only of healthy but also chronically ill people. 

According to modern medical knowledge (cachectic metabolic changes), an appropriate nutritional support as well as appropriate physical exercise are an indispensable part of the supportive therapy for patients who suffer e.g. from cancer and are getting treatment for it.

It enables much more effective treatment of the disease, and which is particularly important, modern findings suggest that it is the combination of proper diet and physical activity that prevents and basically inhibits the development of cachexia.

Since most of the anti-cachexia drugs that are currently used, still in the research stage and some of them have very dangerous side effects, it is even more important for the patients to have an optimal intake of nutrients and be physically active.

Appropriate nutritional support and physical activity are also a necessary part of the functional rehabilitation of patients who have already recovered from cancer.

Data from the literature suggests that up to 20 % of patients have a significantly poorer quality of life after the treatment, and many also die without cancer, as a result of their physical weakness which developed during the treatment. Therefore, the treatment of cancer patients is far from finished when they are cured of the disease. Furthermore, adequate nutritional support and physical activity are an essential part of their rehabilitation.

General recommendations for physical activity of the healthy and ill

Ten reasons to exercise during the treatment of chronic diseases, such as e.g. cancer.

What is an active lifestyle?

When our usual physical activity is increased to the point when it is beneficial to health, we're talking about an active lifestyle.

How to plan and record the physical activity properly?

  1. Unhealthy person should determine the type of treatment in their personal profile, stating whether an outpatient or an inpatient.
  2. Then he or she should record their physical activity and the food in meals in the food diary or menu, because exercise and diet are closely related.