Report generation

When you fill out the entire diary for the agreed number of days, you can print it in table form by selecting the navigation link "Report".

The entire diary can be printed on paper or exported to MS Excel or Adobe PDF file, which can be send to the clinical dietitian or doctor via e-mail, upon prior arrangement.

You can also view reports on the diary. Use the field "Report for:" to choose a date range and the nutrients that you want to observe. You can choose between the parameters that you specified in your personal profile.

The curves show relative variations between achieved and reference values (e.g. if you entered 1800 kcal instead of 2000 kcal, listed for the daily menu, the curve will be 11 percentage points higher than the reference that day). 

However, occasional value deviation ranging from -10 to +10 percentage points from the reference values ​​are normal and should not cause any concern.