Searching, adding and deleting a food

The diary for the selected day contains all data on the meals that you have entered. Data can be randomly refreshed.

New meal

Add a new meal by clicking on the link "Add a new meal." Besides the name of the meal, enter the time eating the meal into the field "Time".

Choose the food that you have eaten at that meal and enter any additional problems into the field for notes. Since it was usually the additional problems which led you to a doctor or clinical dietitian, you should be consistent when recording them.

If possible, please include the time when the problem occurred (e.g. vomiting half an hour after meals, aversion to meat in the last two months, painful swallowing, constipation lasting even for a week, allergy to fish, etc.). 
Please specify the quantity for each food consumed, either in grams or milliliters, or the number of units (portions, e.g. 5 spoons, 1 cup etc.).

Standard abbreviations of units of measurement:

  • g – gram
  • dag – decagram (10 g)
  • kg – kilogram (1000 g)
  • ml – milliliter
  • dl – deciliter (100 ml)
  • l – liter (1000 ml)
Standard measuring units

Cup (250 ml) Mass (g)
Peanuts (shelled) 110
Avocado (mashed) 225
Cranberries 100
Mashed pumpkin 250
Zucchini (slices) 150 - 175
Breadcrumbs (fresh) 50 - 70
Beans 175 - 225
Mushrooms (sliced​​) 60 - 75
Peas (fresh or frozen) 110
Cashew nuts (whole) 130
Cashew nuts (roughly ground) 110
Alfalfa sprouts 18
Coconut flour 50
Carrots (roughly ground) 50 - 75
Carrots (grated) 225
Grain corn 130
Cornflakes 25
Cornmeal 150
Couscous (uncooked) 175
Lentil 150 - 200
Hazelnuts (whole) 150
Hazelnuts (ground) 110 - 165
Almonds (whole) 225
Almonds (ground) 110
Butter 225
Butter in package 110
Soft cheese 175 - 225
Flour 150 - 165
Walnut kernels 60 - 100
Oatmeal 75
Oatmeal, finely ground 155
Tomato (slices) 175
Cookie crumbs 60 - 100
Rice, white long grain (raw) 150
Rice, brown long grain (raw) 165
Blackberries 110
Raisins 100
Raisins (large) 150
Sesame seeds 130
Parmesan cheese (grated) 100
Sugar 175
Powdered sugar 130
Powdered sugar (finely ground) 190
Sugar, brown 110
Soy cheese (tofu) (mashed) 225
Green beans 60 - 100
Penne pasta (raw) 75 - 100
Fusilli pasta (raw) 60 - 75
Hard cheese (grated) 100
Grains (hulled, raw) 150
Breadcrumbs 10
Mustard 15
Sour cream 15
Butter 10
Honey 20
Flour 10
Oil 10
Ground walnuts 20
Chopped walnuts 10
Tomato paste 15
Rice (raw) 15
Starch flour 10
Sugar 15
Cream 10
Salt 15
Salt 5
Sugar 5


To select a food item in the food browser, use the field "Browser: Enter the name of the food..." and enter the name of the food and click on the "Find" button. The database includes foods from Slovenian and American nutrition tables. If you can not find the desired food, please check the English data source (search in English).

Nutrients table and food pyramid

On the right side of the meal you can find the table with nutritional and calorie values of the meal, a chart showing the ratio between macronutrients (protein, fats and carbohydrates) and the food pyramid, which provides coverage of the main food groups with the ingredients of a meal. The colourless parts of the table show the absence of recommended foods, the naturally coloured parts indicate the recommended amount, and the red colored parts indicate the excess quantity foods.

Once you have entered all the ingredients of a meal, save the data by clicking "Save." The data will be retained for further processing and will not be visible to a third party.