You can find a specific food by clicking on the search window that will display your favorite dishes. If the food you are looking for is not a favorite, type the first few letters of the plate or activity and will take all possible outcomes. Select by clicking on the name you want in the list of results.

The food list contains raw food or cooked foods which are disclosed beside the name of the food, for example:
  • "White rice" means raw rice. "Cooked Rice" means that the rice was submitted to heat treatment, ready to eat;
  • "Instant vanilla pudding pack" means that the dish is pre-prepared. "Instant vanilla pudding pack, made up with skimmed milk" means that the dish is ready to eat.
If your meal is a recipe, it is applied the common name or the name specified by the author, eg "pancakes" means "pancakes prepared."

The food list includes foods from Slovenia, Europe and data from America food composition. If you do not find the desired food, check the information in English.

Sometimes it is easier to find the food, whether plural or singular input: for example, searching for "raspberries" instead of "raspberry".