Food lexicon

Enter the first letters of the dish or activity into the browser and confirm by clicking the "Find" button. The list will display the search results, click to select the name in the list of results.
If a food is a dish consisting of several foods, the ingredients appear on the right. By clicking the name of the ingredient you can also see information about the selected food.

Food Lexicon contains foods in raw and heat-treated state, which is extra marked next to the name of the food.
  • "white rice" means the rice feedstock in raw state, while the "cooked white rice" means heat-treated rice by boiling, ready to eat;
  • "Package of Instant Vanilla Pudding" means the feedstock from which a dish is prepared, while the "Package of Instant Vanilla Pudding, Prepared with Whole Milk" means a dish ready to eat.
If a dish is a recipe, then the common name or the name specified by the author is used, for example "polenta" means "cooked polenta".

Food lexicon includes foods from Slovenian, European and also American nutrition tables. If you can not find the desired food, please check the English data source. Sometimes it is easier to find food if you use plural instead of singular, or vice versa: e.g. search "raspberries" instead of "raspberry".
Food lexicon contains data of foods from the nutrition tables. A large part of the data was obtained through analysis, but some are calculated from the ingredients.

The browser helps us find a food and check:
  • the information on energy and nutrient composition, in the form of a table, graph or pyramid.
  • its possible ingredients
  • the dishes which contain this food as an ingredient.
The lexicon also gives you the information gathered with the help of Slovenian manufacturers.