Unfamiliar dish

If you can not find the desired dish in the food lexicon, you can enter its name under the unfamiliar dishes. Our specialist will carefully examine your recipe and calculate the energy and nutrient value and add the dish in the lexicon.

When describing dishes please be as precise as possible:
  1. Enter all the ingredients with their quantities and units (define the net or gross quantity, e.g. peeled or unpeeled apple).
  2. Describe the dish preparation process in detail, including an estimated temperature of the heat treatment (e.g. frying pancakes in butter, meat roasting in the oven at 180 oC etc.).
  3. If you know the final weight of the prepared dishes, the information is very welcome (e.g. when preparing goulash a liquid is poured over the meat but it evaporates during cooking, so the final weight is not equal to the total weight of ingredients).
  4. You can also enter your normal portion size and the standard measuring unit (e.g. plate, cup, etc.).
If a food is a product, you can also specify the manufacturer.